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Date Created: 9/3/2009   Date Modified: 6/9/2016

+Snow Leopard Product Support Matrix

We would like to keep you informed of changes as we test and update our products to assure full fuctionality with newer operating systems.  If you would like to receive email notifications regarding OS support updates please do the following:

  1. Create or access your "My X-Rite" account.
  2. Login and use the "My Support Cases" to describe the product or products that you are interested in tracking.

We will include you in bulletins related to your OS and products of interest.

Apple's new operating system OSX10.6, also know as Snow Leopard was released on Friday August 28, 2009. Many customers (as are we) are anxious to migrate to the new operating system to take advantage of it's many new features. We are moving forward to make our products compatible with this new operating system. Testing has shown that updates will be required for some of our products to make this happen. This information page has been created to help keep you informed. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available. If you are looking for an update, you may wish to bookmark this page and check back.

Products that have been updated for, or fully tested on the released version of Snow Leopard with no known issues

ColorChecker Passport - Version 1.0

ColorMunki Create - Version 1.1.1 released October 13, 2009

ColorMunki Design - Version 1.1.1 released October 13, 2009

ColorMunki Photo - Version 1.1.1 released October 13, 2009

ColorPort version 1.5.4

EZColor version 2.6.6

Huey version 1.04

HueyPRO version 1.5.1

i1Diagnostics version 2.5.1

i1 Match - Version 3.6.3 released October 20, 2009

MeasureTool - version 5.0.10 released November 2, 2009

MonacoPROFILER - version 4.8.4 released November 13, 2009

ProfileMaker - version 5.0.10 released November 2, 2009


Products with known compatibility issues



Pulse ColorElite