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Download: i1Share

Version: v1.4

Previous Version: v1.3

Release Date: 12/9/2005

File Type: PC - Windows Installer (EXE), Mac - Aladdin SIT file

Download:    PC Version    Mac Version

Notes: i1Share is an Unsupported Freeware utility that allows you to measure and communicate spot colors seamlessly.

Note: i1Share has not been updated or tested for the following operating systems:

-  Windows Vista
-  Windows 7
-  Apple's Leopard (OSX 10.5.x)
-  Apple's Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.x)
-  Apple's Lion (OSX 10.7)

While it may function on these operating systems, i1Share is Unsupported Freeware.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese