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Date Created: 3/27/2007   Date Modified: 6/14/2016

+Converting i1Share Data to L*u*v*, L*C*h°, and CIE XYZ

Question: Utilizing the software i1Share with i1 spectrophotometer to take measurements of ambient lighting; is it possible to report the measurement in L*u*v*, L*C*h°, and/or CIE XYZ as well as L*a*b*? 
Solution: Yes, but it is a bit complicated...

Download and install the ColorLab Utility software from the following location:


Measure the ambient light in i1Share by selecting "Evaluate" and then "Light".  Perform the black calibration and then capture the ambient light measurement.

Click on the measurement and then select "File" and "Save as" to save the .cxf file to a location on your hard drive.  I saved mine as "Ambient.cxf" to my "Desktop".

Open MeasureTool.  Select "File", "Open", and then select the saved .cxf file to open the ambient light measurement in MeasureTool.  It will display L*a*b* when your cursor is on the color sample.

Select "File", "Save as", and make sure to have "Text files" in the file type or format box to save the .cxf file as a text file that can be opened in ColorLab. 

Open ColorLab, select "File", "Open" and then select the ambient measurement text file that you just saved in MeasureTool. 

Select "Special" and the "Color Calculator".  Drag the Color Calculator window to overlap the color sample slightly so that the L*a*b* values are displayed.

Manually enter the L*a*b* values and they will be converted to L*u*v*, CIE XYZ, and L*C*h°.