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Date Created: 3/5/2008   Date Modified: 6/14/2016

+i1Share at a Glance


i1Share is freeware that comes with your i1 products that will allow you to
measure, capture, manipulate, compare, and communicate colors. The following link
provides a detailed interactive tutorial containing many useful hints and tips for both Mac and PC users:


When working in i1Share, the three main functions of the software interface are found in
the tool selector in the top left corner of the screen seen here:

Within this tool selector are the main interfaces of the software.

  • Create
    • Measure
    • Color Collection
    • Shades
    • Color circle
    • Navigation
  • Evaluate
    • Accuracy
    • Color Palette
    • Browse
    • Light
  • Transform
    • Convert Spot
    • LightBox
    • Exporting a Color Palette