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Date Created: 5/13/2009   Date Modified: 3/12/2012

++How is my copy of ProfileMaker licensed?

Your copy of ProfileMaker is licensed through a small purple USB dongle that comes with your software purchase. The ProfileMaker software will detect which licenses are availble by 'reading' the dongle information that your hardware provides. Because of this feature, ProfielMaker software can be installed on all the computers in a facility from a single hardware license. The ProfileMaker software will only run in demo mode if the dongle is not attached to your workstation.

You can verify your ProfileMaker licenses by running LicenseTool on your dongle. If you need to purchase additional ProfileMaker licenses you can go to our online store, or contact us for assistance at customerservice@xrite.com.

To activate your new ProfileMaker licenses, you will also need LicenseTool.

  • Close all other applications
  • Plug your dongle into an available powered USB port
  • Start LicenseTool
  • From the lower left corner select License.
  • Enter the upgrade code you received into the space provided.
  • Click OK.

After a few seconds your dongle will be reprogrammed. Click Check Dongle in LicenseTool to verify that your new licenses have been activated.