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Find color management products quickly, easily and affordably. Create custom color profiles for your monitors, projectors, printers, scanners and digital cameras. Or simply capture custom white balance, gray balance or color standards with ColorChecker targets.

No matter what your color needs are, X-Rite has color management products that are perfect for you. X-Rite Photo always ensures accurate and consistent color results from capture to screen to print.

Picture of the i1Publish

Professional Color Management for Imaging and Prepress

i1Publish is designed for photographers, designers and prepress professionals who rely on accurate color throughout their digital workflow – from cameras, monitors, projectors, and scanners to RGB and CMYK+ printers. Get the most color accurate displays, prints and proofs, with repeatable results every time.

Picture of the i1Publish Upgrade A
i1Publish Upgrade A

Quality profiling delivers accurate color for proofing and and print/electronic production for today’s complex cross-media campaigns!

Upgrade your ProfileMaker, i1Match or MonacoPROFILER to get market-leading solution for fast, easy profiling of monitors, printers and scanners to ensure the utmost in color accuracy.

Picture of the i1iO for i1Pro 3
i1iO for i1Pro 3

The i1iO for the i1Pro 3 is a robotic, automatic, chart reading system designed for photographers, designers, and printers who want to eliminate manual strip reading of printer test targets.

Picture of the ColorChecker White Balance
ColorChecker White Balance

The ColorChecker® White Balance target is spectrally neutral to deliver accurate white reproduction for both photo and video workflows. Use it to perform custom in-camera white balance to guarantee precise, uniform, neutral white - under any lighting condition.
Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.

Picture of the ColorChecker Grayscale
ColorChecker Grayscale

The 3-step ColorChecker® Grayscale target lets you balance your images or video footage, allows you to align the exposure and contrast of cameras you may be matching, plus simplifies the task of balancing your studio lighting. A white, gray and black target all on a single card make color adjustments and grading faster and easier with your photo processing or video editing software.
Ideal for photographers and filmmakers.

Picture of the i1iSis 2 Automated Chart Readers
i1iSis 2 Automated Chart Readers

The ideal instrument to speed up and automate printer profile creation, now supporting M1 measurement standards!