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i1iO for i1Pro 3

The i1iO for the i1Pro 3 is a robotic, automatic, chart reading system designed for photographers, designers, and printers who want to eliminate manual strip reading of printer test targets.

Part # EO3AST

Automation for Color Perfectionists
Automate your color workflow and extend the value of your i1Pro 3. The i1iO for the i1Pro 3 is a robotic, automatic chart reading system that is designed to work specifically with the i1Pro 3 device. It’s ideal for color perfectionists who want to speed up and automate the measurement process and eliminate manual strip reading!

i1iO provides fast measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10 mm – from thin polybag material to ceramics and textiles. Add the optional Z-axis spacer to measure substrates up to 33 mm thick!

Combine i1Pro 3 and i1iO to quickly create a custom profile delivering consistent and reliable results, reduce measurement errors and increase your productivity. i1iO is simple to operate and you’ll still maintain all the great versatile functionality provided by your i1 Pro 3 solution.

The i1iO provides a new level of automation for fast, accurate test chart reading for all Color Perfectionists!

i1iO for the i1Pro 3
Color. Perfected.