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Time Saving Color Management Solutions for Professional and Enthusiast Photographers

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How well do you see color?

The average person can perceive 1 million colors. But many factors can affect how our eyes distinguish certain colors like age, gender and health. Trusting your eyes alone will introduce color challenges while editing photographs. This is why you need a measurement tool to ensure color accuracy.

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  • Monitors display color differently and change over time – you need to regularly calibrate to ensure consistency at all times
  • Your eyes aren’t perfect – you need a color measurement tool to ensure accuracy
  • Image colors are not true to life on your display – you need to calibrate if your skin tones are off, whites aren’t pure or there is a color cast
  • Highlights and shadow details are lost – calibrating will bring back the details in your photographs
  • Grays and whites aren’t consistent causing shift in color hue – calibration produces neutral grays and whites

A calibrated monitor will reduce your photo editing time and you’ll consistently be able to match your prints to your monitor.

Learn more about color calibration.


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Photography Color Tools For Every Gear Bag

For professionals and enthusiasts alike looking for the best color tools to speed up their photo workflow with consistency and accuracy, X-Rite color solutions are a must-have.

ColorMunki Solutions

ColorMunki Solutions
ColorMunki solutions are made easy for Color Perfectionists who demand professional quality coupled with easy to use software.

i1 Solutions i1 Solutions
i1 Professional Color Management solutions are a line of photography tools with the flexibility and unlimited options you need to easily achieve the most precise color, every time.
ColorChecker Solutions ColorChecker Solutions
ColorChecker Targets are reference tools that professional photographers and filmmakers use the world over to ensure predictable results under every lighting condition from photo shoot to image editing. They have become the standards in the industry.


Mobile Calibration
ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional and enthusiast color perfectionistphotographerss alike to get unrivaled color accuracy on their mobile devices.

Which Photography Solution Is Right For You?
Tools For When You Shoot
Orange Rule

Capturing color reference targets will get you to a consistently neutral and ideal color balanced place so you can minimize tedious trial and error color adjustments while photo editing.
  ColorChecker Classic
ColorChecker Passport Photo
Passport Photo
ColorChecker Grayscale
ColorChecker White Balance
White Balance
ColorChecker Classic
18% Gray Balance
ColorChecker Digital SG
Digital SG
USE FOR:            
In Camera White Balance    
Software White Balance
White Balance Enhancement          
Exposure: Setting & Verification    
Tonal Balance    
Camera Matching    
Mixed Lighting    
Color Reference    
Camera Profile Creation      
Dual Illuminant DNG Profile Creation        
Scanner Profiling        
TARGET FEATURES:            
# of Targets Included 1 3 1 1 1 1
Expanded Color Range          
Expanded Skintone Range          
X-Rite Camera Profiling Software        
3rd Party Camera Profiling Support ✔*      
Scene Adjustable          
Protective Case          
Size 8.25 x 11"
21.59 x 27.94 cm
5 x 3.5"
12.5 x 9cm
8.25 x 11"
21.59 x 27.94 cm
8.25 x 11"
21.59 x 27.94 cm
4 x 7"
10 x 18 cm
8.25 x 11"
21.59 x 27.94 cm
*Also supported by 3rd party Color Grading Software            
Tools For When You View
Orange Rule

Color calibrating and color profiling will optimize your monitor's settings for contrast, brightness, and color temperature, and allow you to see your "true colors."
PerformancePerfect Entry-Level CalibrationEasy, High-Performance CalibrationHighest Professional
Calibration & Control
  ColorMunki Smile
ColorMunki Smile
ColorMunki Display
ColorMunki Display
i1Display Pro
i1Display Pro
User Modes Easy Easy & Advanced Basic & Advanced
Measurement Device Colorimeter Colorimeter Colorimeter
Mobile Device Calibration
Multiple Monitor Matching
Projector Calibration  
Ambient Light Measurement  
Automatic Display Control  
Flare Correct  
Broadcast Video Standard Support  
RGB Control Calibration    
Profile Validation    
Display Trending    
Profile Quality Analysis    
Uniformity Testing    
Profile Optimization    
When You Print
Orange Rule

Calibrating and profiling your printers will optimize your prints results to get the perfect monitor to print match.
  ColorMunki Photo
ColorMunki Photo
i1Photo Pro 2
i1Photo Pro 2
i1Publish Pro 2
i1Publish Pro 2
Performance Easy, High-Performance Calibration Professional Calibration & Control Professional Calibration & Control
User Modes Basic & Advanced Basic & Advanced Basic & Advanced
Measurement Device Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer
Mobile Device Calibration  
Monitor Profiling
Projector Profiling
Camera Profiling
Scanner Profiling  
RGB Printer Profiling
CMYK Printer Profiling  
CMYK+ Printer Profiling    
Profile Optimization
Spot Color Measurement  
Printer Quality Assurance  
PANTONE® Color Manager Software  
Compatible with Automated i1iO table  

Whether you are a photographer or filmmaker, X-Rite has long been the choice of professionals around the globe to ensure accurate, consistent, repeatable and predictable color from capture to view to video to print. Color Perfectionists Unite.


Ready to reduce time in your photo workflow and get consistent color balance and control?