XRGA – the X-Rite Graphic Arts Standard

The goal of X-Rite products is to achieve for our customers the most precise inter-model color agreement.  This allows all of our customers to enjoy high quality data exchange in workflows that use different instrumentation and software.

To achieve this goal the definition of a new corporate global X-Rite factory calibration standard for our graphic arts instrumentation was made, resulting in XRGA.  This opportunity takes advantage of:

  • New advances in color technology
  • New metrology platform ready for all ISO-13655 requirements. “ISO-13655: Spectral measurements and colorimetric computation for graphic arts images
  • Improved traceability for all master metrology to NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology)

Adopting XRGA

New products from X-Rite today are all fully XRGA compliant.   For many customer workflows, adoption of XRGA results in small differences in measurement values. In fact, many customers will not notice any changes.

For customers who wish to update instruments to XRGA, X-Rite can provide seamless means to update by means of our recommended annual recertification process.  Click here to request customer service

For customers who wish to update software and databases to XRGA, Current versions of X-Rite software have provisions to make this migration.  Click here to go to XRGA support documentation.


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