Addressing Color Communication Challenges

Addressing Color Communication Challenges

Are you still having trouble getting the brand or Pantone color you expected?

By now, most people in the creative space have adopted the use of different physical references, color standards and proofs in an effort to get the color they are expecting. Despite best efforts, there is still a gap between expected and delivered color results.

Physical and visual color targets only solve half of your problem. They address color accuracy strategy and serve as a visual communication tool. The other half of the problem is color consistency among your different print and packaging suppliers.

Crossing the chasm to get both accurate AND consistent color requires you communicate color by “the numbers”. A cloud-based, digital system, like PantoneLIVE, enables you to do that.

As a brand owner or designer, you can continue to specify the Pantone colors you know. By specifying them as PantoneLIVE colors, you are able to preview the color in different scenarios, like on a corrugated box or on an overwrap, before you spend a penny.

It is that simple. PantoneLIVE uses the same colors you know and use today. Plus, PantoneLIVE takes the guesswork and cost out of knowing how a color reproduces in different print process and substrate scenarios.

We’ve done the work for you.

Download your free copy of "PantoneLIVE: Reliably Communicating Color from Design through to Production".

See real-life examples of how PantoneLIVE can streamline your color communication, from design-to-production process and help you achieve the color consistency and accuracy.

Learn how Designers can use PantoneLIVE to specify and achieve Pantone and brand color consistency.

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