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Stephen Johnson

Fine Art Landscape Photographer and Photographic Educator, USA

Stephen Johnson is a landscape photographer, designer and teacher. He has been photographing since 1973. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Life Magazine, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, and ABC Discovery News, among many others. His books include At Mono Lake, the award winning and critically acclaimed The Great Central Valley: California’s Heartland, Making a Digital Book and the new Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography. Internationally recognized as a digital photography pioneer, Johnson's photographs have been exhibited, published and collected in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Japan. In 1994 he embarked on With A New Eye, the ground breaking all digital photographic look at American national parks, to be published in due course. In 2003 he was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Canon named him to their Explores of Light program in 2006. Stephen is well-known for his passionate lectures and love for the traditions of fine photography. From Photoshop features, to cameras, printers, and papers, Stephen's consulting with high tech imaging companies have helped shape the very tools we all use today. His photography studios, galleries and education center are located in Pacifica, California.