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ColorChecker Targets

X-Rite ColorChecker Targets save you and your team time and helps you all get to your optimal color place fast. Which allows you to get to your creative place faster. And we all know how much you love being there.

ColorChecker Targets are the reference standards that professional photographers and filmmakers use the world over to ensure predictable results under every lighting condition. Speed up your workflow by capturing accurate colors from the beginning and minimize tedious trial and error color adjustments while editing or color grading.

Whether capturing still or motion, you can rely on X-Rite ColorChecker products to achieve true-to-life color with consistency and accuracy from capture to edit.

  • Match multiple cameras
  • Set perfect exposure
  • Ensure accurate color balance
  • Capture accurate white balance and eliminate color shifts
  • Achieve perfect gray balance, even in blended lighting
  • Create custom camera and scanner profiles
  • Manage color fidelity
  • Expedite tonal range corrections
  • Better match skin tones
  • Creatively enhance your colors

Capture real life color with an X-Rite ColorChecker. We have a target that's right for every shoot.
Shoot for ideal.