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i1Basic (Discontinued)

If you’re just getting started in the world of color management, consider i1Basic. It provides professional-quality monitor calibration, and when you’re ready, is easily to upgrade with additional i1Match modules.

Affordable, Professional Spectral Color Measurement

Designed for your unique needs, i1Basic is the perfect system to get you working effectively in a color managed ecosystem. It includes the industry standard i1Pro spectrophotometer and i1 Match Monitor profiling software, helping you achieve accurate color on all your LCD, CRT and laptop displays. Create profiles for any ambient light condition, allowing optimal viewing of color-critical work. Match all monitors in your workgroup with reference profiles. Select from unlimited gamma white point and luminance settings, and optimize gray balance for more neutral and better-defined grays. You can even validate and trend monitor performance.

The i1Basic package also includes i1Share software, which allows you to measure spot colors and capture both flash and ambient light. i1Pro is supported by all major RIP manufacturers, so your profiles will be compatible.

The i1Basic system is also available in a UV version for professionals who require UV filtration for certain types of ink and printing.

As your color management needs increase, simply add additional i1Match modules through a purchased access code to increase the functionality of your i1Basic solution:  RGB & CMYK Output, Scanner, Digital Projector, Digital Camera, and i1Editor.