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Date Created: 4/11/2003   Date Modified: 5/12/2016

-When can I use USB?

Some confusion has occurred about the requirements for using the USB connection on the DTP41 Series II instrument and when you must use the serial connection, or the serial connection in conjunction with a USB to Serial adapter.

To answer this question two facts must be known:

1) What operating system am I using?

2) What does my software support?

Operating system

On the Macintosh, X-Rite only supports a USB connection for the DTP41 series II under OSX. For OS9 and earlier a serial connection, or a USB connection via a USB to serial converter must be used. X-Rite recommends and resells the Keyspan USB adapters for this purpose. No additional adapter would be required if you use a Keyspan USA19QW.

On Windows, USB is only supported on Windows 98se, Windows 2000 and Windows XP (or later). Windows 95, 98 first edition and NT do not support USB connections.


To connect to an instrument via the USB port software must be rewritten to allow this option. Just because a physical connection can be achieved does not mean the software knows that this is an option. Essentially no program written prior to December 2002 will be able to reliably connect to the the DTP41 series II via USB, as the final hardware and developer kits were not released until this time.

Many applications have been and are being rewritten to address the DTP41 via USB, we suggest contacting your software vendor if in doubt.