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Date Created: 8/24/2006   Date Modified: 6/1/2016

-iCColor Constantly Reinitializing

The instrument constantly reinitializes when the integration time is close to the minimum value.

This means that the length of time that the instrument lamp is on for is approaching 8 milliseconds. Typically the lamp duration should be between 8 – 19 milliseconds. When the lamp approaches or reaches 8ms the reinitializing error is seen when reading charts. Integration time can be thought of like shutter speed on cameras only this pertains to the lamp so the length of time that photons are emitted.

For this type of failure the instrument MUST be returned to the factory service center evaluation and repair. The service engineer will replace the lamp with a lamp that exhibits a greater integration time. The service engineer will use software diagnostic that can measure the integration time with the new lamp to ensure that the value is greater.

 **You may also get a message "Lamp too Dark" in this situation.