X-Rite photo

iCColor (Discontinued)

Fast, accurate and easy to use, iCColor meets the color measurement needs for controlling photo processing chemistry, and also meets the color management needs for digital imaging – both in prepress and photo processing.

As part of the X-Rite product lifecycle service was discontinued on the iCColor on January 1, 2014. Help-desk service, and technical support as well as hardware and software upgrades have been retired as well.

High Precision, Reliability and Speed
Hands-free, Error-free Operation

iCColor is the fastest spectral chart reader available. Thanks to its x/y capability, iCColor automatically reads the measurement chart both vertically and laterally. You simply feed the chart in once, and iCColor does the rest. No need to keep feeding the chart through, again and again, reading one row at a time. This automatic, hands-free approach ensures precise, error-free measurements every time. To ensure optimum measurement accuracy, the white reference tile in built into the unit, allowing for automatic self-calibration.

Ideal for Single Spot Readings The iCColor can also be used for single spot measurements, giving you added flexibility and helping to maximize your investment. You can use it to capture colors that can be imported into your favorite design application or to do a quick quality control check.

Intuitive Interface and Usability
The iCColor features a large graphic display that swivels for easy visibility and allows all measurement values to be displayed at the same time. The control wheel lets you quickly navigate through the easy-to-understand menus and access the balloon help guide whenever you need it. Different languages are available and can be activated in seconds.

iCColor is available in two series - iCColor 200 Series and iCColor 300 Series. The 200 Series is designed specifically for color management applications in prepress and photo processing. The 300 Series offers the functionality required for chemistry control in photo processing and for the needs of color management. The single spot measurement option can be added at any time.