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i1Beamer (Discontinued)


Excerpt from Keith Cooper's review of the i1 Photo LT. Read the full review at Northlight Images - Photography

What do you get
The i1Photo LT from X-rite comes in a convenient carry bag, containing all the items you need to profile printers and monitors.
The i1 system is designed so that you can add modules and additional devices to increase functionality.
The i1Photo LT covers monitor calibration (multiple monitors supported), ambient light measurement, and RGB printer profiling using a small set of test patches.

The i1 Photo LT is really the package to get if you want a good spectrophotometer and the associated hardware.
The spectrophotometer is widely regarded as -the- industry standard and is a precision instrument (i.e. take care of it and keep it in the bag when not in use) The device comes in a useful carrying bag with its various accessories.
The i1 Match software supplied is easy to use and also has interactive training info on the CD.

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