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Color Control Freak provides a solid and entertaining introduction to Color management, showing you how to create color that remains consistent from capture to print. Informative video presentations and software demos will teach you the basics, and interactive exercises will allow you to practice the concepts. In the end, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and set up your own custom workflow that meets your individual needs.

The course is broken into fourteen lessons, each with a quiz to test your learning. Since the modules only take 5 - 15 minutes to complete, it’s easy to fit learning into your schedule when time allows. Also included is a workbook, which you can print to follow along and take notes.

Color Control Freak makes extensive use of streaming video. Click Here for system requirements.

If you would like a more detailed description (PDF) of this online content please click here.

Note: This course may require a 3Mbps internet connection or greater.

About the Author: Mark Gundlach

Mark Gundlach is an X-Rite Color Expert and the manager of Training and Curriculum Development. He has accumulated over 21 years of experience working in photography, design, and print environments. A graduate of Kent State University in journalism and photo illustration, he worked for seven years as a commercial photographer, and was one of the first to adopt and use digital photography in a commercial studio. Mark was an early advocate of a fully digital workflow process. Later he used his experience as a system integrator to install and train photo labs, studios, ad agencies, sign shops, and others on color management, prepress production, digital sign making, and digital workflow best practices. Mark is a certified Apple Color Management Pro and Color Management Trainer, and has helped hundreds of companies take control of their workflows over his 14 years of professional training.

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