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G7™ is a proof-to-print process control method that allows you to reliably and efficiently match the visual appearance of multiple devices, ensuring that your process colors are neutral and balanced while also improving gray balance, color stability and color matching. G7™ can be applied to any type of CMYK printing process, including Inkjet, Offset Sheetfed, Offset Web, and Flexo print. IDEAlliance has created the G7™ Master Printer Program to help you incorporate this method into your workflow, and the G7™ Certified Experts at X-Rite Color Services can help you achieve G7™ Qualification.

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X-Rite Color Experts are company employees from our Technical Applications Team or Color Services organization with G7 certification.  All of our resources are very knowledgeable about our products, printing workflows, process control standards and typically come from the industries X-Rite serves.

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