Free X-Color QC Training Video

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This X-Color QC training video teaches basic software operation and navigation. You will learn . . .

  • How to work within the color navigation pane to organize your data.
  • How to configure the software to make custom View Sets.
  • How to see your data in the most useful way for your specific application.
  • How to measure standards and trials.
  • How to create and work with tolerances.
  • How to filter, tag, and sort your data in a meaningful way.

To download this video, click on the link below.  You will be asked to fill out a brief contact form.  After the form has been submitted, our automated response system will reply with a link to the download location.  Installation instructions follow:
  • Open the registration email response from X-Rite.
  • Using provided link, download the referenced file: training materials are contained within a ZIP archive.
  • Locate the downloaded file into a folder of your chosing.
  • Unzip the archive: it will create a folder named "XCQC_Training_PC" for Windows or "XCQC_Training_OSX" for the Macintosh OX.
  • Open the new folder and locate the "XCQC" application file: double-click to launch.
  • Ensure that your audio is not muted so that you can hear the audio.

The X-Color QC tutorial makes extensive use of streaming video. Click Here for system requirements.

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