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+Identifying and Locating Scanner Targets and Reference Files

The scanner targets that ship with Monaco branded software come in three formats and each suit a different purpose:

  • 5x7 inch reflective prints for profiling flatbed and other reflective scanners
  • 4x5 inch transparencies for profiling large format transparency and drum scanners
  • 35mm format transparencies for profiling film scanners

All of these targets are often referred to as "IT8 targets." This is because they all conform to a pair of related standards:

  • IT8.7/1-1993 for transparencies
  • IT8.7/2-1993 for prints

The name of this standard always appears in the lower left corner of the target below the scale of gray steps. There will a code indicating the date and batch information for the target below the name of the standard .  In addition, each target will carry a mark, usually in the form of a logo, that identifies the manufacturer. This will be in the bottom margin of the target, usually on the right.

The brand, format, and manufacturing information are needed to determine the appropriate reference file for a given target. Depending on which software or bundle was purchased, the user may have Monaco or Kodak branded targets. Please see the following instructions for identifying each.

Monaco IT8 targets:

Monaco IT8 targets will have the red, white and blue Monaco Systems logo on the right side of the bottom margin

Monaco 5x7 reflective targets:

For reflective 5x7 targets, the batch information will be in the format MONRYYYY:MM-BB where:

  • MONR represents MONaco Reflective IT8
  • YYYY represents the year of manufacture, as in 2003
  • MM represents the month of manufacture, as in 02 for February
  • BB represents the batch number for that month and year of manufacture

The reference files for Monaco reflective IT8 targets always end with the suffix .mrf. So in the case of an IT8 target labeled MONR2003:11-01, look for a reference file named MONR2003.11.01.mrf.

Monaco 4x5 transparency targets:

Monaco 4x5 transparency targets have markings similar to reflective targets, in the format MONT45YYYY:MM where:

  • MONT45 represents MONaco Transparent IT8 in 4x5 format
  • YYYY represents the year of manufacture, as in 2003
  • MM represents the month of manufacture, as in 02 for February

The reference files for Monaco transparency IT8 targets end with the suffix .txt. In the case of an IT8 target labeled MONT45:2003:07, look for a reference file named MONT45.2003.07.txt.

Kodak IT8 targets:

Kodak IT8 targets are often referred to as Q60 targets and will have the Kodak logo on the right side of the bottom margin. To the left of the Kodak logo will be the words "Q-60XX Target for..." where XX is one of the prefixes below designating the type of target and material.

Transparency (film) targets:

  • E1 = Ektachrome 4 x 5 inch
  • E3 = Ektachrome 35 mm Type 3 format
  • K3 = Kodachrome 35 mm Type 3 format

Reflective (paper) targets:

  • R1 = Kodak Ektacolor Paper (5x7 inch)
  • R2 = Kodak Endura Paper (5x7 inch)

Kodak IT8 targets always have the date of manufacture listed below the standard name like this: 2002:11. Their reference files begin with one of the prefixes above followed by the manufacture date and end with the suffix .Q60. Here are some examples:

  • E1199506.Q60 for a 4x5 Ektachrome transparency
  • R2200305.Q60 for a 5x7 print
  • E3200205.Q60 for a 35mm Ektachrome slide

Locating your reference file

The reference files can be found in the following locations:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\"Monaco Systems" or "X-Rite"\<Application Name>\Preferences\ where C: is the startup drive and <Application Name> represents the name of the profiling software (EZcolor, MonacoProfiler, etc...).
  • MacOS X: /Library/Application Support/"Monaco" or "X-Rite"/IT8 Targets/ on the boot volume
  • MacOS 9: <Macintosh HD>:System Folder:Preferences:Monaco:IT8 Targets: where <Macintosh HD> is the boot volume

Generally, the EZcolor or Monaco Profiler software will default to this location automatically. When loading a reference file on the Windows platform, there may be a need to change the Files of type: item to list the desired type of reference file, for example to Kodak Reference file (*.Q60).