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iCColor (Discontinued)

Fast, accurate and easy to use, iCColor meets the color measurement needs for controlling photo processing chemistry, and also meets the color management needs for digital imaging – both in prepress and photo processing.

Firmware Downloads (1 Items)VersionPrevious VersionRelease Date
Instrument Firmwarev5.40 8/3/2005 
Software Downloads (11 Items)VersionPrevious VersionRelease Date
Chart: ECI2002 CMYK for iCColor ECI-2002 10/26/2004 
Chart: IT8/7.3 CMYK for iCColor IT8/7.3 10/26/2004 
Chart: Multicolor Charts for iCColorNA 10/26/2004 
Chart: TC2.88 RGB for iCColorTC2.88 10/26/2004 
Chart: TC3.50 CMYK for iCColorTC3.50 10/26/2004 
Chart: TC9.18 RGB for iCColorTC9.18 10/26/2004 
Download Utilityv1.55v1.52 9/23/2009 
iCColor CSV Loaderv1.01 10/26/2004 
iCColor Instrument Driver for Macv2.1 5/11/2005 
iCColor USB Driver for PCv1.6 5/11/2005 
Reference Data for FOGRA MediaWedge 2NA 10/26/2004 
Calibration & Recertification (1 Items)
-Calibration of the iCColor
Common HelpDesk Questions (4 Items)
-How Often to Clean the White Tile of an iCColor
-iCColor Constantly Reinitializing
-Measuring Density with iCColor
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics (3 Items)
+iCColor will not load CSV values
-ProfileMaker Crashing When Sending CSV File to iCColor
-Reinstalling a Reluctant USB Device