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i1iO 1st Generation (Discontinued)

Spending too much time reading targets? Extend the power of your i1Pro with this automated hands-free test chart reading device. Simply plug in your device, align the test chart, and the scanning table does all the work.

Faster than the speed of color!
The i1iO is a robotic, automatic chart reading system that is designed to work with i1Pro devices. It’s ideal for photographers, designers, and printers who want to speed up and automate the measurement process. Simply plug in the device, align the test patch, and the scanning table does all the work—no more manual strip reading!

Affordably automate your color workflow and extend the value of your i1Pro color measuring device. i1iO provides the fastest measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10 mm – from thin polybag material to ceramics and textiles. i1iO reads more than 500 patches per minute, so you’ll have a custom profile in no time! When combined with any i1Pro spectrophotometer, i1iO will provide consistent and reliable results, increase productivity, lower the level of operator skill required, and reduce the risk of errors.   Plus, you’ll still maintain all the great versatile functionality provided by your i1Pro solution.

A new level of automation for fast, accurate test chart reading!