Date Created: 11/13/2008   Date Modified: 3/16/2012

+Windows Photo Gallery looks blown out

Windows Photo Gallery

The Windows Photo Gallery has an issue with compatibility where when running a monitor profile using ICC version 4 the images become very blown out.  This has been turned over to our development team and a work around has been added to the preferneces of ColorMunki v1.1 where you can select either ICC v2 or ICC v4 profiles for both monitor and printer. While we believe that this seems to be an issue with the operating system itself and the new CMS that is new to the Vista platform selecting ICC v2 should resolve this issue for you.  

Please review the following page to see these new Preferences and how they apply in v1.1:

When researching this issue recently for other users experiencing the same thing I have located a number of websites including this article from Microsoft that touches on this subject.  Here is some of the data that was located:

There seems to be something within the Vista CMS that is trying to apply a second source profile in WPG which in turn then causes this very light, almost washed out look to images. This is occurring with the program when using calibration software or with out at times.

Here are some website that I have been using to research this issue that you may find of interest:

From this site in particular there is a post showing 2 images. The first shows the image outside the WPG application looking normal. The second shows that same image when being opened in WPG and how that CMS is affecting the tonal range with that washed out look and a yellow cast to it.

Here is another forum discussing the same results:

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