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Coloratti - Andy Biggs

How to Profile

Download a wide range of “How to Profile” documents which provide support information showing you how best to color profile a wide and growing range of photographic hardware devices.  See how to use the profiles you create, establish a good viewing environment, and more.  Click on your topic of interest to get started.
Color Management in Adobe Photoshop
Some inkjet, toner-based, photographic, and other non-PostScript printers print in RGB mode, meaning the RIP or driver is designed to accept RGB rather than CMYK data. This document explains how work effectively in Photoshop CS4 using RGB data even if the printer prints with CMY, CMYK, CMYKcm (light cyan and light magenta), or some other combination of inks.

RGB Printer Profiles: Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4 (Download PDF: 2.4MB)

Creative Suite 6 ICC Color Settings (Download PDF: 3.2MB)