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Coloratti - Andy Biggs

How to Profile

Download a wide range of “How to Profile” documents which provide support information showing you how best to color profile a wide and growing range of photographic hardware devices.  See how to use the profiles you create, establish a good viewing environment, and more.  Click on your topic of interest to get started.

Color Management in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Mac/Win)
Adobe Lightroom supports color management. If you have a good monitor profile, you can take advantage of Lightroom's soft proofing functionality to see on screen how your preview will print. Lightroom also simplifies the process of color management in the print module. These Need to Know documents offer more information on how to control color in your Lighroom workflow.

Color Managed Printing in Lightroom 2 (Download PDF: 3.2MB)

Color Managed Printing in Lightroom 5 (Download PDF: 3.6MB)