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Coloratti - Andy Biggs

How to Profile

Download a wide range of “How to Profile” documents which provide support information showing you how best to color profile a wide and growing range of photographic hardware devices.  See how to use the profiles you create, establish a good viewing environment, and more.  Click on your topic of interest to get started.
Properly View and Evaluate Prints
Standardized viewing conditions are very important when discussing color and images with multiple service providers or customers in different locations. For example, a designer who is viewing color under a tungsten desk lamp will see a yellow cast. If he calls his photographer to share his concerns, his description will not match the greenish colors the photographer sees under his fluorescent lights. Although they are both looking at the same print, their lighting conditions cause the colors to appear different. This document explains how to judge and compare color, and also view prints and transparencies under proper levels of color-balanced light.

Standard Viewing Conditions (Download PDF: 3.4MB)